Sunday, May 21, 2006


I don’t like the look of those
Full curves dear,
Giving the impression
Of womanhood
Touching you.

Wear a wide dress dear,
Hide those long legs,
You don’t want imaginations
Going wild
Thoughts of your young limbs

Those full, red,
Luscious lips
Never to be emphasised
Or look wet.

Your glistening eyes
Looking to the floor.
No one must see,
Into your lustful soul.

Your hair tied back,
Covered with dark shades,
Flowing locks of mahogany.

Keep your voice down dear,
Husky tones giving
Impression of bed talk,
Going wild at
Thoughts of your moans.

Don’t let a sound
Escape those sinful lips,
Lest it creates an impression
Of wanton,
Wet tongue of a maiden.

Smell trailing behind,
Imagining fields of roses,
Inside your ropes.

Keep yourself well wrapped dear,
Don’t give away your game,
Only innocence must shine.

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