Friday, June 23, 2006

Dreams Lost

The gentlest touch
Breathing fire into me
My insides

Burning ashes
My organs scream
Music to my ears

Your breath
A hairs' space away
Lifting my spirit
To your heaven

Tied inside me
You caress my dreams
Spirits of love

Jigsaws solve
Mirthless laughter
Logical confusion
Intertwine besides us

The ground our home
Your touch ignites
Our fires
Sweetest gentle pain

Utopia securely held
Between lashes
Reaching out

My fingers
Happen upon your life
A chance encounter

Snapping disorder
Lifting veils
Sunshine burns your eyes
Ashes of our heaven reside

Dystopia chases dreams
Between long goodbyes
I leave us behind
Broken, forgotten.

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