Monday, July 24, 2006


Don’t talk back,
Bite that tongue,
Keep your opinions
If possible keep none at all
In your mind
You have no use for them dear
You mustn’t bother
A life now,
It’ll only be a chore to
Erase it later
Those memories
You don’t need dear,
Nor these photos,
No point in leaving evidence
Of your past life,
Moments of guilt
You must be an empty canvas,
Low maintenance
Inviting their thoughts
To enter you,
Their physicality
Becomes you,
Their dreams to be
Traced across your body
Age must touch you first
Let it not touch them
Be discreet with knowledge
Pretend ignorance
Your best option
Upon feeling pleasure
Don’t be loud,
A few moans may
Best to keep quiet
Let them think your satisfaction
Remember these thoughts dear,
Listen to the next set of rules
Nod your head,
Your disagreeing tone won’t be accepted,
Always keep that to yourself,
Only submissive dames get far.


tooners said...

This is a beautiful poem. Many times in my life, I have felt so much of what you write here.

I love poetry and write it myself, altho I tend to write when I'm sad and depressed. I haven't written in a while and miss it, but don't want the feelings that accompany it.

Thanks for coming by my blog. :)

Princess Ambiguous said...

Thank you once again tooners. Why don't you share some of your poetry on your blog? I know what you mean about writing only when sad/depressed. I also hate it when I'm too tired or busy to write, because I get no creative urges then!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?