Wednesday, November 01, 2006

In My Mind's Eye

In my mind’s eye,
I crawl in a cave
Borrow deep inside
Shut the opening with a rock
Smell the sun hitting rocks,
That musky smell of stale morning dew

You think I am smiling
Never looking into my eyes
It’s a challenge,
To smile like you mean it and
Cry inside

It hurts, most times,
Knifes slitting your skin
Just deep enough to draw blood,
Never leaving a trace behind
So thin,

All around me people fall
Like soldiers on a battleground
Struck by random bullets
Fired by angry men,
None know the true target,
Their own heart

That door stuck shut and I’m left here
I see no way out
Just a faint light
Stretch out my hands to touch it
You think the light is salvation?
Guess again

I would like to live at the bottom of the sea,
Buried between sand grains
Deep in fantasy.


tooners said...

deeply touching and terribly beautiful.

Princess Ambiguous said...

You flatter me too much, I'm blushing! hehe thank you!