Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My impenetrateable gates

Your eyes draw forth
A perfect grade,
Our happiness
A stable cage.

Moments of doubt,
Cloudless joy,
Such a cruel joke.

Your cautious passion,
My impenetrateable gates,


A HEROINE said...

Really nice, if that's yours then your really good. Will try to come around more often.


go back to my profile, check out what I wrote in reply to your comment.

How is London treating you?

Princess Ambiguous said...

Thank you :D It's all my stuff, I just get lazy putting things up and end up posting in bulk.
London is great, just very very cold! Hope you see more of the sun where you are!

tooners said...

your poetry reminds me of mine... in some ways. this love sounds complicated yet leaves a deep wanting.

you are a very good writer. i enjoy your poetry a great deal.

Princess Ambiguous said...

Thank you Tooners, I really appreciate your comments. This was written about a complicated relationship, how at rare times
it was almost perfect, yet most of the time was wasted on doubt and
fear. At the end, despite all of this, he let his passion guide him
and this in turn forced my guard/gates down.