Friday, November 24, 2006

You Shake Me Back

You profess a love
That is stifling
A love secured
To my wrists
Chains clink clank
As I walk

Your presence
My senses
Like a leech,
Drawing out
A life line

My memories
Lie in a pool
At your feet
You walk,
Splish splash and they break
Violent storms on the pavement

My lips draw out
A silent sound
A siren call
You sink your teeth into my skin
Rapturing a shield

My mistakes draw a painting
Above my head
In it, you feature

A dark figure
Wielding a dead petal
Your weapon of choice,

My eyes drink you in,
Sensing malice
Your smile.
My fingers twitch
Across my breasts
in my mind's eyes.

You hold the key
My chamber, a glass alcove
I tip tap testing the strength
You shake me back in my place.


tooners said...

this is beautiful!

Princess Ambiguous said...

Thank you so much tooners! I wrote this about the shackles certain people and expectations place on me.

polaroidprincess said...

You're an amazing writer. xx

polaroidprincess said...

You're an enigma and your writing is amazing. This is my second post for this piece but I really feel like its THAT great!!! :)

Princess Ambiguous said...

Thank you polaroidprincess, your comments made my day! xxx