Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Your games set me free

It would be easy
To grant you your wishes,
Cry and whimper
At your feet,

Beg for forgiveness,
Perhaps admit
To a contradiction
In believes,

Offer my hips
And breasts
To you
On a plate,

My tongue
In a cup,
My eyes
On a gold chain,

My hands and legs
Tied to my seat,
Beneath your throne,

A flower
Looking up
To the sun,
Her God

And yet
My heart
As soon as it bleeds,

My brain
To submit
To a weak willed image,

I won't be your
Damsel in distress
For the stress
Is you

Your perpendicular corners,
Set off with barbed wire
Broken glass,
When you hold me close
I tear,

I look back
Your sneering lips,
Your ego
Plain for all to see,

And I laugh,
Until my stomach churns,
My sides collapse,
My legs
No longer carry me,

Your games
Set me free,
A burning torch,
Clearly outlined
The destruction you will try
To make me endure

I leave you
In a dark corner,
Playing against
Your reflection,
An opponent you will eventually

My skin
Wrapped around me,
Warmth emanating
From my core,

Your blue soul
Like a wolf
For his next soul

Your cruelty
In the past
A thorn filled prison
Has now
Set me free

You place your fears inside me

You place your fears
Inside me
A hole,

Burned into my skin

Your tongue
Burning reality
A perception

You weave
Around me,
Chess mate
You smirk

My impulses fire back,
Defensive manoeuvres,
To intimidate

And yet
You break me again
My silence,
A weapon
I cannot use

You push away my ghosts
Through your skilful use of board games

My refusal to sway with your wishes
Your silent demands

Perpetual cycles
Of push and shove
Tantrum ridden

My imagination
Created perfection
Reality an inconvenience,
I choose to ignore

I will sit here
Your blows
Lifting me
Off the ground

Do no mistake
My lack of obvious defences
For meekness
Or acceptance

Merely a delay
In response
Gearing up towards
Your finale