Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Your games set me free

It would be easy
To grant you your wishes,
Cry and whimper
At your feet,

Beg for forgiveness,
Perhaps admit
To a contradiction
In believes,

Offer my hips
And breasts
To you
On a plate,

My tongue
In a cup,
My eyes
On a gold chain,

My hands and legs
Tied to my seat,
Beneath your throne,

A flower
Looking up
To the sun,
Her God

And yet
My heart
As soon as it bleeds,

My brain
To submit
To a weak willed image,

I won't be your
Damsel in distress
For the stress
Is you

Your perpendicular corners,
Set off with barbed wire
Broken glass,
When you hold me close
I tear,

I look back
Your sneering lips,
Your ego
Plain for all to see,

And I laugh,
Until my stomach churns,
My sides collapse,
My legs
No longer carry me,

Your games
Set me free,
A burning torch,
Clearly outlined
The destruction you will try
To make me endure

I leave you
In a dark corner,
Playing against
Your reflection,
An opponent you will eventually

My skin
Wrapped around me,
Warmth emanating
From my core,

Your blue soul
Like a wolf
For his next soul

Your cruelty
In the past
A thorn filled prison
Has now
Set me free


bint battuta said...

I loved reading this. said...

the last line just, i dunno, evokes feelings of freedom and happiness. really well written. thx...

Um Naief said...

wow.... this is beautiful and filled with such depth.

Princess Ambiguous said...

Bint battuta: Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.

Amaaro: It's a great relief having arrived at that conclusion in my life, I'm glad it carried through in the poem.

Um naief: Thank you, hehe just to be cheesy I'd say 3yoonish al 7ilwa "your eye is the beautiful one"

Bahraini Diva said...

Wow! That is so powerful & I felt every word you have written.. I loved it .. keep writing those thoughts until one day you can put them all in a book .. I assure you that it would be one of the best sellers

Princess Ambiguous said...

Bahraini diva, that's a lovely sentiment, I hope it transforms to reality one day, thanks for passing by :D

Omernos said...

I think it's absolutely beautiful, what came off as a great quality to it is the very significant swinging between beautiful and not-so-pleasant images. Brilliant :D

AHHH I miss you Sharifa!
you owe me pancakes! hehe said...

its good to know you did it :) im hoping im pretty close

Princess Ambiguous said...

Omar! Stupid blogger didn't notify me that you commented! Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :)

Aww miss you too!

Hehe I know! I still intend on keeping my promise, you will get those pancakes one day hehe

Ammaro: Sometimes the hardest thing is admitting to something and believing it on a deeper, rather than superficial level. I hope you get rid of those demons, whatever they may be :)

Ha$$am said...

I love your poems. sometimes its hard to put feelings into words but ur doing a great job. im looking forward to readn ur new poems.