Monday, July 05, 2010

You come to me

You come to me

In the dark

Your scent

Enters me

Your voice

Lullaby of nightmares


My dreams

My eyelids

Your canvas

Primed red


I taste you

In my dreams

My lips whimper


You smudge your pain

Across a mirror

My reflection

Your image

Your malice

Fills in my curves

Breathing gently

I moan

I surrender

Your will binds me


Soft whispers

Words curl

Twisting my hair

In place

Your prison

Placing your malice

In my gut

Our labour of pain


I carry your burden

And feel it grow

Ripping my insides

To shreds

Knowing that soon

I can give it back

My muscles relax

Around you

My breath

Slows down

My skin


My tongue rests

Upon final goodbyes

I weep

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